I had the pleasure to be invited to ALAC’s (Aotearoa Latin American Comunity Inc.) anual camp to deliver two workshops to do with my sustainable creative practice. The first one was an introduction to Eco Print and Solar Dyeing methods as two sustainable craft practices which allows us to explore avenues of engagement with the environment around us and to utilize them in a variety of ways.

Connecting with the environment is a crucial part of the process of resettlement and an important one in anyone’s creative process. A bridge can be built between ourselves and our new adopted country through experiencing nature around us and making it part of our creative work. During the workshop, we had the opportunity to explore a variety of effects generated by the plant material available to us around the Auckland region and had fun playing with it. Some pics bellow :)))

Experimenting with iron as a mordant and a dye

Eucalyptus and Liquidambar leaves dipped in iron water
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