Wow, what an amazing year we had at “The traveling sewing box project”(C). It was an incredible experience for me as the creator of the project but also as an immigrant myself.

When I came up with this project all I wanted to do was to share a method which had helped me navigate through the difficult times that being an immigrant brought to my life. But what I got in return was much more than sharing, I got to know amazing women who have faced a lot of adversity and have grown stronger because of it. I got to hear first hand stories about courage, strength and adversity and of course a lot of dreams and hopes for the future in this new beautiful country of adoption New Zealand.

Selecting a range of re purposed waste fabric

Here are some pics of us working together in this beautiful project which brought us all together, all Latin American women from 7 different countries.

Each participant selects the colours and textures that speak to them

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