We work in association with NGO’s and government agencies to deliver the programes available within The Traveling Sewing Box Project (C).

As an immigrant myself, this project is very close to my heart and it’s main objective is to give immigrant women a voice and a sense of participation within society by giving them a space to slowly stitch their thoughts and feelings on a  piece of cloth while talking and sitting around other women in a safe and supportive environment.

This project aims to give immigrant women the opportunity to celebrate their own cultural background, life journeys and memories through any particular textile crafts inherent to their own culture. Women from all cultures have been gathering to mend their children’s clothes, to quilt, to  embroider, to sew, to lace, to  weave… This has been a way to share and socialize within their communities and by doing so, ancestral crafts have passed from generation to generation.

With the intention of salvaging and revaluing culture through cloth, the Traveling Sewing Box Project has the objective to appreciate and celebrate the cultural value that immigrant women bring to New Zealand.

"The Story of me" (C) at Selwyn Refugee Centre, Auckland
“The Story of me” (C) at Selwyn Refugee Centre, Auckland