“The Story of me” ©

“The story of me project” © aims to give refugee/migrant women a voice and a sense of participation within society by giving them a space to slowly stitch their life stories, their memories of their birth countries, their migration journey to NZ and their new lives in their adopted country. Through using re purposed workroom waste from the textile and fashion industry the participants will have the opportunity to revisit textile crafts inherent to their own cultural background as well as explore the local environment through the use of eco print, solar dyeing methods and felting.

Sewing Unique Value Project ©

Sewing Unique Value Project © aims to empower and support refugee/migrant women throughout their social integration in New Zealand through an educational and upskilling workshop with the aim to provide a foundation of industry standard knowledge in the area of textile crafts and facilitate the opportunity to position themselves within the NZ market place with a unique value proposition and a point of difference.

Mini Traveling Sewing Box Project ©

The Mini Traveling Sewing Box Project © aims to foster a sense of pride and strength within immigrant children in NZ by creating a space to connect with their own culture in a positive and empowering way. Celebrating diversity with the objective of inclusion and integration allows for a rich and diverse NZ society in which young people interact and connect through their strengths and contribute to a better life for everyone.

Victoria Martinez Azaro delivers the programs herself all around New Zealand. Please get in touch to discuss your organization’s needs and book a free consultation to discover the amazing results this project can bring to your community.