Migration, culture and cloth

In June 12th 2019 I attended the opening to the exhibition “Pertenencias” in Buenos Aires Argentina. I was honored to be invited to exhibit a textile piece which was created within the Traveling Sewing Box Project during 2018 in partnership with ALAC as part of the amazing collection of textile pieces which were exhibited in the Museo Jose Hernandez. Pertenencias […]


Creating with The ReCreators

The Mini Traveling Sewing Box got together with The ReCreators to deliver an amazing two hour workshop for kids to get together, tell their fabulous stories and create a textile collage made from repurposed waste from the local textile and fashion industry. We had dragons and princesses and the most divine little houses sewn in different textures and colours as […]

Refugee and migrant women in Auckland

Craft as a vehicle for resettlement Women from all cultures have been getting together to mend their children’s clothes, to quilt, to  embroider, to sew, to lace, to weave… This has been a way to share and socialize within their communities, share the everyday load and encourage each other. Women together, women supporting each other’s lives, women making and passing […]


Solar dyeing process

In her book “Slow Stitch”, Claire Wellesley-Smith, talks about the process of slow solar dyeing. Part of my slow practice has always involved dyeing, printing and painting of the textile medium, however I had never tried using solar power as the medium to fix natural dye to the fibre. As I mentioned before, my process is becoming more and more […]


Profiling emerging sustainable fashion designer Sofija Butler

Sofija Butler For sustainable fashion designer Sofija Butler, clothing is about reconnecting the lost lines of connection between designer, maker and user, and between user and garment. For her graduating 2017 Masters collection (Masters of Fine Arts specializing in Fashion Design and Sustainability, Whitecliffe College of Art and Design)  Sofija fully explored the area of what really makes the user […]