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For jewellery designer, Ximena Ferre, her pieces are all about questioning our perceptions of beauty and value. Through traditional jewellery processes she creates the illusion of socially accepted ideas of value while contrasting these with her choice of materials. Transforming the public’s perception of plastic is at the core of this collection and what has driven Ximena Ferre’s  work for the last year. This is how she does it.

Collection name: “From Rags to Riches”

Sustainable design strategy: Up-cycling, recycling, waste re-purposing.

Process and materials: By cutting, filling and embedding perspex recycled pieces, which were recovered from waste,  Ximena crafts them into contemporary jewellery pieces. Silver is cleverly utilized to create the desired illusion of fine and precious materials. Her fine craftsmanship results in pieces which challenges our associations with plastic by changing its appearance and associating it with valuable materials such as onyx and ebony.

Transparency: Ximena crafts all her pieces in her studio at home and enjoys showing her customers the development of each of her pieces. She outsources machinery and equipment within New Zealand as required. Her value chain is constantly expanding and improving as she develops links and contacts in terms of her material purchases.

Where to buy: e mail: ximenaferre@gmail.com

rings, silver and perspex
Rings, silver and perspex
Underside of brooch.
Brooch, silver and perspex
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