Hola! Welcome to my blog and first post!!!!! I guess this one is a bit of an introduction…

Grew up in Argentina surrounded by strong and inspiring women who instilled the love of fashion ..the handmade fashion …the treasured fashion … the fashion that is made with textiles that last and is passed from generation to generation …the fashion that exudes cultural values and practices… the fashion that communicates identity and geographical placement in the world…the slow fashion…the fashion which is made with empathy and love.., love for the wearer, love for the process…love for the maker.

Working and traveling as a Fashion Designer in a globalized economy I got to experience first hand another kind of fashion. A fashion which is produced at a very quick speed, a fashion which main focus is bottom line, a fashion which holds no regards for the farmer who grows and harvests the seeds of cotton or shears their precious animals’ wool, a fashion which has no respect for the weavers, the cutters, the sewers, a fashion which appropriates cultural value. This created much conflict within myself and a need to do something different within my industry.

As a mother and an educator my role within the fashion industry has evolved throughout the years. Even though my design practice has always been about empathy and love for the process my role as a teacher is now what guides me through this journey. A journey that is based in Auckland , New Zealand,  where I am based with my family, and a journey that has sustainability at its core. My mission is to transmit and spread the message of fair fashion, ethical fashion, flourishing fashion through design practices, strategies throughout the whole value chain and love and respect for the process of making and of the makers.

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